Eva Zweidorf

Eva Zweidorf is an expert in health economics and health insurance management. For more than 25 years, she has examined and shaped tomorrow’s health care market from different perspectives and has supported companies in the strategic and operative reorientation.

At the med.zukunftslabor, Eva develops new business models, product positioning and services in cooperation with the health care companies and her co-partner, Dr. Heidrun Sturm. The design of interdisciplinary developmental and learning processes related to the enterprise is her favorite approach.

Eva holds a master’s degree in health economics and has concluded her studies in health insurance administration. Additionally, she has successfully completed the postgraduate studies in the area of innovation and future management as well as individual psychology.

Today, she gives advice to the key players of the health care industry like clinics and physician networks, but also to various industrial companies specialized in medical technology. Furthermore, Eva has lectured new forms and structures of health care at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences for six years.

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Eva Zweidorf
Grete-Nevermann-Weg 8
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