Chenchao Liu

Chenchao Liu is the founder of SILREAL GmbH, a Berlin-based expert and management consultancy, specialising in healthcare and Sino-European exchange. Born in China and residing in Germany since 2002, Chenchao brings his deep expertise in life sciences and cross-cultural proficiency to his clients.

Chenchao Liu’s academic journey includes a chemistry degree from the Technical University of Munich and research positions at the Max Planck Institute and ETH Zurich.

Chenchao is not only an accomplished consultant in the life sciences sphere in Germany and China but also a respected lecturer on digital health. He shares his insights in countries like Switzerland and Denmark and authors insightful pieces for the World Economic Forum. His wealth of experience is sought after by both private corporations and public institutions. These include the German Federal Ministry of Health, State Governments of Berlin, Saarland, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, and the Federation of German Industries.

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Chenchao Liu
Linienstr. 145
D-10115 Berlin
M +49 171 755 0865