Dr. Maja Beilmann-Schramm

Maja Beilmann-Schramm is an expert for Medical Science Liaisons (MSL), an extremely specific role in the Pharmaceutical Industry. She is Founder and Owner of MSL-EXCELLENCE.de, living her passion for the MSL profession.

Spending 10 years of her 20-year career in pharma focussed on the field of Medical Science Liaison in local, regional, and global roles she is offering:

  • Support for Medical Departments – structured mentoring for MSL and MSL line managers to become more confident and successful in their role
  • Insight and input for consultants and agencies working with pharma customers on topics like strategic MSL hiring, MSL competencies and -training

After 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry in various positions with experience in marketing and sales, medicine and medical science liaison Maja made the latter her focus. With Maja’s experience and support, the MSL/MSL line managers or supporting consultants/agencies will take a shortcut to success and save valuable time and energy.

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Dr. Maja Beilmann-Schramm

Am Scherenstück 67
D-53757 Sankt Augustin

M +49 160 9878 0777