Healthcare Shapers are a strong network of experienced consultants and interim managers in the healthcare industry.

We design tailor-made, forward-looking and effective solutions to foster our clients’ growth and success in current and future market environments. From analysis and strategy development to implementation, our network offers access to the right consultants, interim managers or well-established project teams to develop competent, pragmatic and feasible solutions without overhead costs, supporting our clients in pursuit of success.


Managementboard Healthcare Shapers: Jochen Rüchardt, Dr. Carsten von Blohn, Ulrich Schwanke, Dr. Ursula Kramer, Günther Illert.

How do we create added value for our customers?

More than the sum of many consultants
Each partner in our network has outstanding skills and has qualified in an intensive selection process to become a member. The unique structure of personally networked consultants with diverse competencies enables us to cover all areas of the healthcare sector in breadth and depth.

Future-oriented solutions that work
Together with you and for you, we develop feasible solutions to support growth and success of your company in the current and future market environment. We look beyond industry, country, and organizational boundaries in order to identify the challenges facing your company in a 360° perspective and to strengthen your market position in the long term.

Practical experience is our strength
The partners of Healthcare Shapers are consultants with many years of practical experience in the healthcare industry. Our diversity promotes unconventional ideas, creating new insights and approaches.

Healthcare Shapers in figures

  • 2013: Foundation at the European Business School in Rheingau, Germany. Founder: Günther Illert
  • Form of organization: Network of independent entrepreneurs
  • Financing: Membership fees
  • 2015: Establishment of management board: Jochen RüchardtDr. Carsten von BlohnUlrich SchwankeDr. Ursula KramerGünther Illert.
  • 2019 Foundation of US-Chapter: press release
  • Collaborators in the network approx. 130 Collaborators
  • 2022 Foundation of France Benelux Chapter
  • Customers of our colleagues
    • MedTech & pharmaceutical industry: 200
    • Clinics, care facilities, and health professionals: 150
    • Health insurance companies: 120
    • Associations & authorities: 80
  • Associated experts worldwide: more than 1'000
  • Professional and personal exchange: annual meetings of all collaborators, regional meetings, monthly video conferences

What drives us

What unites and inspires us is our conviction that in the long run, healthcare systems will work only if the patients and their needs are their focus. With our shared competence and energy, we want to contribute to the industry-wide change necessary for this purpose.


We look forward to hearing from you.